The Mackellar People’s Jury on Housing

Working together to solve one of our community’s most pressing problems

What’s the problem?

Mackellar has some of the most expensive housing in the country to rent and buy.

Our young people and essential workers are finding it harder and harder to live here, businesses struggle to get workers and older residents find it difficult to downsize.

Vulnerable people have even fewer options.

That’s why we want to hear from you.

What is a

People’s Jury?

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The People’s Jury is a group of citizens randomly invited to form a jury on a pressing topic.

The group is presented with evidence from independent experts and community advocates, to come to a consensus on a particular issue.

In June Dr Scamps will bring together a panel of 30 randomly selected Mackellar residents to spend a day deliberating on the housing crisis from many perspectives.

The aim is to come up with 3 policy priorities that Dr Scamps can advocate for in Canberra.

This is a partnership with The newDemocracy Foundation, a not-for-profit research organisation that promotes community participation in politics.

The first step in this process is to hear from the broader Mackellar community via a survey and/or submissions

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As your

Federal MP

I promised to listen to our community

A strong democracy needs the participation of its people

What are the stats?

How do we live?


freestanding houses

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155,387 residents

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5,249 semi-detached houses


17,248 apartments

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How much more are we paying to live in the place we love?



than Greater Sydney

in weekly rental payments



than Greater Sydney

in monthly mortgage payments

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Source: ABS Census 2021

Report: Housing in Mackellar

Read more here

Make a difference

Over 1200 locals completed our survey. We are now ​collating the responses and will publish them shortly.

Hear from the experts

Click below to watch the expert panel presentation

Dr Peter Tulip

Centre for Independent Studies

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Wendy Hayhurst

Community Housing Association

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John Brockhoff

Planning Institute of Australia

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Richard Denniss

The Australia Institute

Doing politics differently

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There’s no simple fix, but I believe the people of Mackellar will have their own unique set of solutions and ideas

Authorised by Dr Sophie Scamps MP, Independent Federal Member for Mackellar – Shops 1&2, 1238-1246 Pittwater Road, Narrabeen, NSW 2101